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M4A4 Sherman

Here we go – first model finished! (well not quite in this photo – I added some scratches to the decals after as they looked too clean). This is an M4A4 Sherman from The Plastic Soldier Company. I love PSC’s stuff, it’s fantastic value and excellent quality, what more could you want? This is for my 15mm Battlegroup Overlord project. I own enough models and figures for a roughly company sized force of both panzer grenadiers and British motorised infantry (though I lack the actual infantry – waiting on PSC’s Brits which are a caveat purchase under The Pledge!).

M4A4 Sherman. Plastic Soldier Company 15mm.

M4A4 Sherman. Plastic Soldier Company 15mm.

Now I am sure that some will take issue with the colour, but I find it a satisfying hue in this scale. I painted this almost entirely with my airbrush, which I am starting to get the hang of now!

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