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Enforced downtime!

Not had much of an opportunity to paint recently due to a combination of family visiting, busy times at work and an energetic two and a half year old son (all good things of course!). The last couple of weeks have been almost free of hobby, though I have finished the 40K Helbrute bar some minor basing bits!

I have though had the opportunity to rummage in the garage amongst my older projects and discovered a little gem – a whole bunch of Kallistra Hordes and Heroes 12mm fantasy figures. I got these about 4 years ago along with my Hexon terrain and they are great little things, never could encourage much enthusiasm in my gaming group though. I must have another crack at that now that everyone else is feeling the pinch too. You could put a starter army together with these for probably £30 or so and they can be used for Battlelore games on the Hexon terrain too (love the Commands and Colors system).

Heres some figures from Warhammer Fantasy I painted about 10 years ago, I sold them off when I was trying to fund a new computer about 4 years ago. Citadel miniatures are extremely high quality but I find the rules rather old fashioned and boring and the figures are out of my price range nowadays.


Warhammer Beastmen

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